Terrace roof and winter garden shading with a difference


Internal instead of external shading gives you the possibility of individual design, is mainly weather-independent and offers protection from radiative cooling in the evening hours.

External sun protection (e.g. roof awnings) cannot always be installed or is not always required. There are terraces or winter garden which are not exposed to such intensive sunlight and/or are located in special buildings (listed buildings). This is where the advantages of interior sun protection apply, as it fits discreetly into the surroundings.


Ideal conditions are created for a pleasant atmosphere by the sunola interior terrace roof and winter garden shading made to measure. Thanks to the Velcro technology, the sunola shading adapts flexibly to the individual living situations, is particularly easy to clean (washable) and gives terraces and winter gardens optimal sun and glare protection. In addition, it offers the advantage that glass panels can be fully or partially shaded depending on the time of day and the LED lighting is not concealed as with an awning.

The sunola sun protection system is available in three different operating modes, different profile colours and in attractive fabric qualities.

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Sunola belongs to the interior sun protection system.

Here you receive a shade, which is manufactured on your demand and made to measure. Different fabric qualities allow the individual design of your terrace or winter garden. Give your terrace or winter garden your personal touch with Sunola.

If you want to know more about Sunola, download our brochures here or ask your winter garden and terrace roof specialist or sun protection specialist.


Sunola HAND is a freely movable shading system. Each glass panel can be operated by using a control rod and individually shaded up to a size of 1,500 mm x 6,000 mm. The separate glass field shading offers the advantage that the appearance of a terrace or winter garden is retained and lighting elements in the rafters are accentuated. With the Velcro system, the shading can be easily removed and washed. Sunola Hand is suitable for ceilings and roof pitches up to max. 10°.

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Sunola CORD is a shading system with operating cord. The system can be used to shade terrace or winter garden roofs up to a size of max. 12 sqm (width max. 4,000 mm and length max. 6,000 mm). By means of double clips, several systems can be mounted next to each other. With the Velcro system, the shading can be easily removed and washed. Sunola Cord is suitable for ceilings and roof pitches up to max. 15°.

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Sunola M-TRACK is a shading system with motor. The system offers different motor powers for different requirements and roof pitch angles. The advantage of the motorized system is that it can also shade glass surfaces that are out of reach of a cord or hand system. Functionality and cosiness are not mutually exclusive with this shading variant. With the Velcro system, the shading can be easily removed and washed. Sunola MTRACK can be used in dry rooms with ceiling or roof pitch.

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  • 100 % PVC - free
  • high weather resistance
  • ideal summer thermal insulation
  • optimum glare protection with good transparency
  • textile character
  • odorless
  • flame retardant
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors



  • high light fastness
  • extremely tear-resistant
  • easy to clean
  • insensitive to dirt
  • high weather resistance
  • uni opaque or semi-transparent
  • flame retardant
  • environment-friendly
  • for indoor and outdoor use